Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wednesday night WEHO scene

Last night! Whew!
Upon entering the local “Wednesday night WEHO scene,” I noticed three, somewhat “twinkish,” guys staring me down from across the bar. All stood about 6’, dark brown hair, tan, lean bodies, probably tight asses too! Totally my type! And hey… I was looking to fuck! So… staring back, I kind of nodded my head, giving them a signal like “wusup”… Trying to play totally straight, because I knew how they’d love the dick power driven in their holes by someone more dominant and butch! After they made their way over, introduced themselves (Vice, Parker, and Zach), and had a few more drinks… it wasn’t long until we were all groping one another’s cocks, and seeing who could get their fingers deepest into Parker’s hole! The bar began kicking people out around 2, so we started discussing which house we were carpooling to for the “after party!”
Of course it was MINE! After all, I did have a pretty sweet pad all to myself, and they (all being 18) still lived at home with their parents. All 4 of us pilled into my convertible, squeezed in tight throughout the whole ride. On the way, the party had already started! Parker was totally naked in the back seat laid out across the other 2, each taking turns teasing his little hole with their tongues, putting fingers in it while he moaned for more!
By the time we got to my house, it was pretty heated! I had been watching the whole thing in the rear view, with my cock throbbing with each stroke of my hand, waiting for the moment we got to my house and got to slam all 3 of them!
Immediately after entering the front door, we all began stripping, steadily walking towards the bedroom where we could finish where we left off. Vice dropped to his knees and started licking the pre-cum off the tip of my dick, while the other 2 kneeled, taking turns blowing each other, then steadily coming back to me… each tonguing my balls, lapping up the pre-cum, sucking all the way down the shaft, then polishing the head. Parker then threw himself across the bed, face down, ass up, so you could see his hole, pulsing with every heartbeat! They both followed the lead, throwing themselves across the bed, same position, practically begging me to fuck them… to ram my dick HARD into each of them! I was about to EXPLODE! So… just like a movie, I began licking my fingers, lubing each of their little asses up so I could put my dick in! My cock was throbbing, even harder than before, at the sight of their lubed up holes, waiting for me to slam into them! I wanted them screaming, begging, for more!
I started with Parker, since he seemed to want it so bad. Without a condom, I started putting the head in… kind of teasing him a little… giving him a taste of the 10 inches about to slam into his hole, going up and down.. in a little, then out. Then BAM! I rammed it in! HARD!! All the built up tension had me power driving his ass! I wanted him screaming! And sure enough… he was! Screaming for more! “Harder?” “Do you want it harder?” I kept saying to him, kind of clenching my jaw, giving him all I had, trying to hold back from busting my load in his ass! The harder I pounded, the tighter his ass clenched onto my dick, pulsating around the shaft with every thrust! The other boys started stroking their cocks, still bent over the bed, enjoying the show!
After a while, I pulled out of Parker, put my hand on Zach’s back, and quickly slammed my dick long into his hole! Fuck, it was tight! Kind of ridgey inside! I had to start off slow… work my dick in. It was so tight, the friction kept me from going too fast! Soon after, It kind of loosened up a bit, just enough so I could get a good pace going! It felt so good my body was tingling! Like the feeling right before you cum! I then began fingering the next in line (Vice), as I finished up with Zach.
Again, without notice, I quickly pulled out of Zach and rammed straight into Vice! I think he saw it coming, being that he had been watching me the whole time, and saw how I went from one to the other. He liked it! As soon as it went in, he kind of propped his ass up, telling me to put it in all the way… making sure it was wide open, pushing back on my shaft, moaning, getting every inch!! HOT! I almost couldn’t stand it! My dick was solid! The pre-cum had become a constant flow! He started rocking back in forth, “riding it” doggie style, thrusting hard, so my balls would slap his ass everytime they met! FUCK! I started throwing it to him hard! Deep dicking it in and out! Faster and faster! Looking over, I saw the other two jacking off harder with each thrust, until Zach exploded, then Parker! They shot everywhere! It even got in Zach’s mouth… which turned me on even more! I knew I was about to go! Not before Vice though… He was stroking his cock, faster and faster, then he’d slow down a bit, teasing himself, wanting it to last longer so he could feel my dick inside of him. Then he started long stroking his 8 inches and quickly came! Shooting all over the bed and a little in his hand so he could taste himself while I got off! Moaning with each shot! That did it! I came hard!! All in his ass! Slamming my dick harder and harder! It got full, it was dripping out…


The Average Joe said...

motherfucker that was hot, keep those bitches in heat and cummin back for more.

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David said...

dear god, i just about came fully clothed. ill read it again later to get off.